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At Paella del Reyes our ingredients are as important as our reputation. Based in Point Reyes, sustainable, quality ingredients are always readily available. We try to use all organic and local ingredients when possible. Our paellas start with extra virgin olive oil, air chilled chicken (from Mary's Chicken) and the best bilbao chorizo. Next comes organic onions, garlic, broth, tomatoes,  and the finest Spanish or Iranian saffron and smoked Spanish paprika. We then add Bomba or Calasparra rice from Spain (the best for paella), Spanish olives, artichoke hearts and other seasonal vegitables. The paella is then finished with one or all of:  wild caught prawns (USA), scallops, squid, and shellfish from Hog Island Oyster Company. If you are looking for a great addition to your paella feast check out The Oyster Girls traveling oyster bar.


Hog Island Oyster Company

This is where we get most of our clams and mussels - right out of Tomales Bay.

Royal Hawaiian Seafood

Royal Hawaiian specializes in safe, sustainable, tested and traceable seafood and is my source for the fresh wild gulf prawns I use in my paellas.

La Espanola

Good source for wonderful chorizo, Bomba rice and Serrano ham.


Mary's Chicken& Rosie's Chicken

The best air chilled organic chicken available!

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Thomas Meckfessel

Phone:  415-990-9653
Email: [email protected]

P.O. Box 1252

Point Reyes, CA 94956

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